Musik för högtalare

(Music for Loudspeakers)

First performed at the Royal University College of Music in Stockholm 10th December 2017.

I composed ”Musik för högtalare” (Music for Speakers) during the autumn of 2013. The piece is based around samples of cymbals which I recorded together with percussionist Rikard Markstedt. The samples were intended as spectral analysis for another piece I was writing at the moment for the Swedish chamber ensemble Norrbotten NEO.

”Musik för högtalare” began as a play with technological instruments and trying to find the sounds that are masked behind louder sounds. It was behind a cymbal sound that I found the bass that glues the piece together. I used mainly AudioSculpt and time-stretch when composing Musik för högtalare.

Musik för högtalare was selected as one of the pieces UNM 2017 in Reykjavík.


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