(Canopic Jars)

for Large Symphony Orchestra

Written 2014-2015 and first preformed in Berwaldhallen 24 april 2015 by Kungliga Musikhögskolans Symfoniorkester (the Royal College of Music’s Symphony Orchestra) and conducted by Staffan Mårtensson.

Premiered April 24th 2015 in Berwaldhallen, Stockholm

By KMH Symphony Orchestra with Staffan Mårtensson
Kanoper with KMH Symfoniorkester from Berwaldhallen

I was inspired by Egyptian mythology and their ancient burial rites. The piece is namned “Kanoper” which translates to “Canopic jars” which refers to the smal urns where you place the organs of the deceased. I was focusing on working with bigger structures in music which we call form. I experimented with having an invocation and exvocation in the beginning and the end respectively with 4 movements in-between based on each of the canopic jars.

Kanoper on Soundcloud

1. Invokation

2. Imsetti

3. Kebehsenuef

4. Hapi

5. Duamutef

6. Exvokation

The six movements in Kanoper


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