Scholarship from Wettergrens Stiftelse

I’m very proud to have received a scholarship from Berit och Carl-Johan Wettergrens stiftelse to develop my music programming skills. And explore the technical side of my artistry. I want to develop more dynamic systems for live electronics which can work independently of human interaction. Read more about Wettergrens Stiftelse and others who they support

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Honoured by Wermländska Sällskapet with the Lussestipendie

In the december last year I was honoured by receiving the Lussestipendium (Lucia Schoolarship) from Wermländska Sällskapet i Stockholm (The Wermlandian Society in Stockholm, my native county in Sweden). I received it from the hand of Chairman Nils-Gunnar Billinger at Grand Hotel in the middle of december last year. Yesterday I was invited to their […]

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