Scholarship from Wettergrens Stiftelse

I’m very proud to have received a scholarship from Berit och Carl-Johan Wettergrens stiftelse to develop my music programming skills. And explore the technical side of my artistry. I want to develop more dynamic systems for live electronics which can work independently of human interaction. Read more about Wettergrens Stiftelse and others who they support

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Earlier this year I finished my latest piece Konversationer for solo recorder, string quintet and electronics. Konversationer is Swedish for Conversations and is in eight movements. It’s written especially for my friend and colleague the danish recorder player Clara Guldberg Ravn who will be premiering the piece at our concert Svävningar February 13th at Skeppsholmen […]

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Interviewed by Nya Wermlands Tidningen

Lutad över ett anteckningsblock, en mugg kaffe och en bit cheesecake sitter Johan Blixt på ett söndagsöppet kafé i centrala Karlstad.

Leaned over his notebook, a cup of coffee and a piece of cheesecake Johan Blixt sits at an open sunday café in central Karlstad.

Being interviewed by Mats Dahlberg for the Karlstads newspaper NWT about the Thursday concert at Wermland Opera at 18.30. Soprano Anna-Maria Krawe will sing an aria from the opera Dags.

Me and Mats talked about composing, education and my relationship to music. Read the article here.

Read more about the concert in my previous post or at Wermland Opera’s website

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Honoured by Wermländska Sällskapet with the Lussestipendie

In the december last year I was honoured by receiving the Lussestipendium (Lucia Schoolarship) from Wermländska Sällskapet i Stockholm (The Wermlandian Society in Stockholm, my native county in Sweden). I received it from the hand of Chairman Nils-Gunnar Billinger at Grand Hotel in the middle of december last year. Yesterday I was invited to their […]

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at UNM2017

Hello! I’m currently in Reykjavik, Iceland for the UNM-festival (Young Nordic Music). Attending concerts and seminars. Today I have been at a workshop working with the ventilation at the Iceland Academy of the Arts. I made a piece during the day with sounds from my orchestra piece Kanoper, Musik för högtalare and some processed recorders. […]

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