Piece in three movements for tenor recorder and live electronics.

First performed at the Open Days festival in Aarhus 13th September 2020 by
Clara Guldberg Ravn.

Distans – Teaser

Written in the summer of 2020 with the pandemic in mind I meditated with the concept of distance (name of the piece in Swedish) and what it does to us and our relations.

Recording from Samtida Musik’s concert in Årsta September 19th 2021.
Recording made at Elektronmusikstudion in Stockholm

The piece uses an Arduino and an ultrasonic sensor to measure the physical distance between the player the flute. Angles for the flute is noted in the score and the sensor on controls the electronic treatment of the recorder, the distance drives the resonance of the filter in Abelton Live.

Sensor and Arduino for the recorder in distans

1. Lång

2. Social

3. Ingen

The three movements in distans


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