Honoured by Wermländska Sällskapet with the Lussestipendie

In the december last year I was honoured by receiving the Lussestipendium (Lucia Schoolarship) from Wermländska Sällskapet i Stockholm (The Wermlandian Society in Stockholm, my native county in Sweden). I received it from the hand of Chairman Nils-Gunnar Billinger at Grand Hotel in the middle of december last year. Yesterday I was invited to their […]

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at UNM2017

Hello! I’m currently in Reykjavik, Iceland for the UNM-festival (Young Nordic Music). Attending concerts and seminars. Today I have been at a workshop working with the ventilation at the Iceland Academy of the Arts. I made a piece during the day with sounds from my orchestra piece Kanoper, Musik för högtalare and some processed recorders. […]

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Musik för högtalare to be played at ljudOljud’s inauguration concert

I’m happy to announce that my electroacoustic piece “Musik för högtalare” will be played as a part of the inauguration concert of new music festival ljudOljud. Music for högtalare has also been elected to be a part of the Swedish selection of compositions at the UNM-festival in Reykjavík this august. Read more about it here. Links […]

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